"Change is the only constant" is an aphorism related to the doctrine of 'universal flux', by Heraclitus of Ephesus. The Greek philosopher also developed the thesis of the 'unity of opposites'.

On the final day of Gallery Weekend, I will be included in a group exhibition of four international artists who will present their works to the public. The exhibited positions demonstrate that these 2,500 year old ideas are current and especially relevant for the digital age.

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Alana Richards, part of the ongoing series SHIMMER, which looks at identities, or those parts which we project outwards, which can sometimes only reveal partial truths to who we are. This series looks at the masks we can wear and that fraction of space between the projection and what can lie shimmering beneath. 




Standing before David Bowie's old Berlin doorway, on Hauptstr, filled with awe and thanks over this man's life. Smiling so sincerely over the way in which he showed us that we can be whoever we want to be. That death and rebirth can continue in each of our lives, as we can break free and be, continuously.

And the world aches and longs for these brave and fearless souls who burn and bare their beings to us. Those who dare to project outwards the essential nature of who they are, to open their hearts that will forever reside inside. This artist, a shimmering light who found his way into so many people’s existence, can teach us so much. Perhaps the greatest thing I walked away with was that he showed us, time and time again, to let go of fear and be who we dream to be.

I graciously bowed to Bowie in that moment, and slowly stepped away with a love for life within this whirling world.